Annette Chiu-Data Scientist
  • Proficiency in statistical programming with Python, R
  • Knowledge of data analytic techniques, including Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis
  • Experience with analysis techniques and data visualization in Tableau, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Track record of developing strategic planning and project management skills for Fortune 500 companies ( Formosa Plastic Group, Accenture )
Nexstar Media Group ( Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Company)
Intern ( New York Daily News Building )
  • PIX 11 TV  
Data Scientist Intern( New York, NY)
  • Apply text mining in Python to extract popular topics and gain insights from unstructured textual date
  • Analyze data to evaluate scenarios, identify the efficacy of data, determine potential predictive value, and identify best modeling/machine learning techniques 
  • Perform data analysis with Python to identify patterns and trends in user demographics and engagement data, and provide recommendations that optimize targeting
  • Use Python and VBA to manipulate big data, automate processes and enhance the team's efficiency 
Change Fashion INC
Data Analyst( New York, NY)
  • Worked with account executives to create strategic media plans to enable strong performance at launch.
  • Organized ongoing reports to analyze sales and inventory data by using Excel and Python.
  • Managed campaign pacing and performance through meticulous data analysis.
  • Developed algorithms to help inform and/or optimize decisions around price setting, promotion planning.
  • Implemented formal modeling processes from end to end, including sales data gathering, data profiling
  • Utilized knowledge of econometrics and time-series modeling to develop department and style-level elasticity and promotion response models to inform business decisions
Berkeley College
Statistic Tutor( New York, NY)
  • Hired to tutor fourth-year college student failing in statistics. 
  • Student's final score 40 out of 41 points 
  • Provided 4 hours weekly classes to aid students in studying and note-taking.
  • Helped prepare students for upcoming tests or exams after school or during study periods, included: 1)  Probability Distributions 2)  Confidence Interval for the Population Proportion 3)   Hypothesis testing
Formosa Plastics Group (Fortune 500 Company)
Project Manager( Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Led strategic development and planning of official preventive healthcare website platform in terms of UI/UX, MySQL database, A/B testing, and Google Analytics related procedures.
  • Initiated a relationship with Amazon to determine business needs, to build and maintain Amazon Web Services partnership.
  • Developed business models to analyze the implementation details of machine learning.
  • Collaborated with 30 people to ensure successful project execution by developing and managing time schedule, work allocation, and business goals. 
  • News Formosa Plastics Group Create Health Care Industry  
National University of Singapore, Interactive & Digital Media Institute
Data Analysis Intern( Singapore)
  • Performed users’ data analysis and built modeling to create marketing strategies
  • Managed international projects and designed prototypes to global venture capitals
  •  Conducted quantitative analysis and market research using SPSS and R 
National Tsing Hua University
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

-College of Engineering: Engineering Mathematics, Computer Systems & Applications, Probability & Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Industrial Accounting

-NTHU IEEM Director of Academic Affairs, Swimming Team(2010-2013), Entrepreneurship Innovation Design Engineering Interdisciplinary Program(GPA3.64/4.00)

- Scholarship to China, Harbin Institute of Technology University. Project: Customer And Queuing/Lining Behaviors Analysis In The Supermarket


Fordham University
Master of Science, Data Analytics

Department of Computer and Information Science: Machine learning, Data Science, Statistical Modeling, Data Quality, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Algorithm 

Multimodal Digital Taste Experience with D'Licious Vessel
August 2-7, 2015
7th International Conference, VAMR 2015, Held as Part of HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA

Contribution: Questionnaire and prototype design and conduct 50+ people user behavior analytics. Using Excel for Statistical Analysis and data vitalization. 

A Review on 3D Printing for Customized Food Fabrication
June 8-12, 2015
43rd North American Manufacturing Research Conference, NAMRC 43,, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Contribution: Questionnaire and prototype design and conduct 30+ people user behavior analytics. 

Social Network-Based Recommend System

-NTHU IEEM Graduation project -Award for excellent performance - Submitted for Industrial Mangement & Information Technology Innovation Seminar 
廖元圳、萬又瑞、邱麗安、廖韋婷、侯建良,2013,"支援網路社群運作之文章推薦與文章推播模式",工業管理與資訊應用創新研討會,南臺科技大學,一0二年十一月一日,Paper ID: 110. (Session Chair)